The D DBI project

interface IRegisterable ;
Interface for registering a database provider. This will allow you to only link the database drivers that you will use.

static void registerDatabase (IRegisterable newDB);
Used by each database provider to 'register' itself. This registration is usually done via a static constructor, so all you need to do is import the database that you want to use.

IRegisterable newDB Registerable instance that will create Database instances when asked via getDatabaseForURL.

static Database getDatabaseForURL (char[] dbUrl);
Given a database URL, instantiate and return a Database instance.

A database URL looks like:

//params Where dbprefix is the database provider, such as mysql or oracle. params is currently implementation defined.

char[] dbUrl The URL of the database you wish to connect to.

A fully instantiated Database instance. TODO: Should it call connect()?

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